SIV Scheme

Special Interest Vehicle Registration Concession Scheme

Failure to comply with the conditions of the special interest vehicle scheme is an offence and serious consequences may result.

MECGC SIV Scheme Overview

The Special Interest Vehicle concession is a registration concession scheme for special categories of vehicles including motor vehicles, motorcycles and trailers that have limited road use.

A registration concession has been provided to veteran and vintage vehicle owners since the 1950s. The concession was extended in the 1970s to also accommodate “classic historic” vehicles, that is, those built at least 30 years ago. Street rods with a body and frame built prior to 1949, or replicas with a modification plate, were accepted into the scheme sometime later along with historic retired ambulances and fire-fighting equipment vehicles.

The veteran, vintage, classic and historic concession was reviewed in 1998 and has since been referred to as the Special Interest Vehicle Registration Concession Scheme.

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MECGC SIV Scheme Checklist!

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Currently the DTMR is reviewing this Scheme and we will be updated of any further requirements

  • Visit DTMR website to familiarise yourself with the Guidelines, Rules and Forms required
  • Motorcycle must be 30 Years old – its the basic minimum requirement
  • Applicant Must Be a financial member of the MECGC and have verification from the Treasurer

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